By actively moving, following the healthy nutrition, drinking enough water and loving and pampering the body, we are able to maintain our youth much longer. This program will help and motivate keeping yourself in great shape!

Program includes:


– Nutritionist consultation 2x

– Nutrition specialist adjusted menu

– Body composition analysis on Tanita body analyser 2x

– Body scrub 1x
– Body wrap 6x

– Cosmetologist consultation

– Aquabike sessions 12x

– Face cleansing and face massage 3x

– Face hiroplastic face massage 4x

– Body massages (problemzone, anti orange peel, full body) 5x

– Training with physiotherapists 3x

– Healthy smoothies 12x


Program lasts for 6 weeks.

ANTI AGE program price……….. 888,00 Eur

Program value if purchased separately………………1103,00 Eur