This program is designed to smoothly cleanse the lymphatic system and remove toxins, which will have a direct effect on the weight and amount of fluid in the body. This program will help you get rid of extra pounds, feel lightness in the body and reduce volume.

Advantages: Increased energy and vitality; improved metabolism; weight loss, clear body forms, reduced cellulite.

The program includes:

– Aquabike lessons 30 min or 45 min x6
– Endosphere therapy massage 35 min x3
– Lymphatic drainage massage 30 min x3
– Lymphatic drainage massage 50 min x1
– Thermo wrap with seaweed 60 min x1
– Recommendations for nutrition throughout the program x1
– Body mass analysis on a TANITA analyzer

The price of the program … … .. 350.00 €
By purchasing each procedure separately … .408.00 €