During the first 7 days of the 14-day DETOX program, the body relaxes, the cleansing process intensifies by supplying powerful vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. In the second week, the body is gradually preparing for future everyday life. DETOX can be greatly integrated into everyday life, and do not feel hungry. Within these two weeks, the body develops an alkaline environment where the accumulated toxins from the fat cells (in the process of decomposition of fat) are removed from the body.


Benefits: Program will help you to increase energy and vitality; improve metabolism; enhance overall well being; lose weight, get an understanding of a healthy and balanced diet and adjust it to your daily routine.

The program includes:


– Body composition analysis on Tanita scales x 2 times
– Nutrition specialist consultation x 3 times
– Nutrition specialist menu for 14 days
– Drainage wrap 60 min x 2 times
– Cleansing Massage, Aroma Massage 60 min x 2 times


program price……….. 300.00 € (jeb 21.00 € per day)

program value………………358.00 €