The program is designed for hurried, impatient, fast-paced people who are ready to try something new. It is advisable to start the program on the weekends or during periods of leave/vacation when there is less stress. The first three days are intense body cleanse, following a strict eating regime. From the fourth day, the menu will be supplemented with foods that can be customized for each day. Despite of this, the purification processes already started will continue after.


Benefits: Increase energy and vitality; metabolism will be “stirred up”; lose weight

The program includes:


– A diet developed by a nutritionist
– Body composition analysis on Tanita scales
– Nutrition specialist consultation x 2 times
– A menu prepared by a nutritionist for 7 days
– Drainage wrap 60 min x 2 times


program price………… 150.00 € (jeb 21.00 € per day)

programmas value……………170.00 €